How Dangerous Is Black Hat SEO? Semalt Expert Concerns

We know that various webmasters use black hat SEO techniques to improve their sites' rank in the search engines. They use plenty of methods to reach the top of the search engines and are evil.

Here Igor Gamanenko, a top expert from Semalt, will give you some tips on how to recognize black hat SEO to get good rank for your website on the internet.

Blackhat SEO

Blackhat SEO is an illegal technique to generate search engine traffic. A lot of links are built, and anchor texts are developed against the rules and regulations of Google. Your website will be banned by search engines if you are involved in the black hat SEO techniques. You might be penalized and have to face a lot of problems for spamming the internet. Articles on such websites are written without maintaining quality. Their lines have a lot of spelling and grammar errors, and keywords are used here and there. Meanwhile, some SEO experts have embraced black hat SEO to trick their customers, such as, and If you are using the services of any of these companies, you might not get the desired results.

It's true that all of the internet users have experienced email spamming. We receive emails with confusing messages and attachments. Avoiding those emails is important. Plus, you should never click those attachments. Keyword spamming, search engine spam, and article spam are the three major techniques of black hat SEO.

All SEO is not evil

The search engines keenly observe if you have done white hat SEO or black hat SEO. The ranking of your website depends on the strategies you have used so far. It is important to deal with the weaknesses and get rid of black hat SEO if you want to improve your business on the internet. Blackhat SEO may improve your site's rank, but it cannot benefit you for long as the search engines will ban and penalize your site within days.

It is not the search engines that differentiate the good websites and bad websites. The industry you are working in is full of experienced website designers, marketers, and social media persons. You may want to connect with individuals who are into legal things. By the whole, SEO is not evil as it has both dark side and bright side. The dark side is when you do black hat SEO, and the white side is when you opt for white hat SEO techniques.

To those who are involved in black hat SEO techniques, we suggest that they should avoid it to a great extent. This is because their efforts will prove to be fruitless. Their websites cannot get good search engine rank, and they cannot generate any leads.

The unethical practices

The experts of black hat SEO are involved in unethical and illegal practices. But you should remember that the websites that are penalized and banned by the search engines are not black hats. Sometimes the businessmen fail to understand what type of strategies will suit their sites the most.